The battle to protect the internet is far from over

The internet is not perfect, and there are many ways in which it can be abused, said Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

But he also said that he doesn’t believe that any of those ways is a problem.

“I think there are ways that the internet could be abused.

We have all heard about the horrible abuse of Gmail, but Gmail is an example of how people use it.

They can use it as a tool for personal or political advantage,” he said.”

The people who abuse it are not necessarily the same people who use it for political or other purposes.

The problem is that there are all these different ways people use the internet, and they’re not all doing the same thing.”

Wozniack’s comments come after a US court ruled on Friday that Google should be allowed to block certain websites for copyright infringement.

That ruling is set to come into effect on Monday, and will be enforced in a similar manner to a takedown request, meaning that if the request is not turned down, the site will be blocked.

However, it comes with a caveat.

The court ruled that Google could block websites that infringe copyright in order to protect “fair use”, a term that the company defined to mean “the ability to use copyrighted material for purposes not prohibited by copyright law”.

This could mean that the blocking of certain websites could be justified in order “to protect a fair use” – an argument Woznisack has made before.

The issue is far more complex than that, as copyright law has not been completely clarified yet, and it’s not clear what the term “fair” means.

The term “good” means different things depending on context.

“A good use is a work of authorship that is `commercially reasonable in all respects’.

If you are using copyrighted material that is not ‘good’ and it is infringing on someone else’s copyright, you can’t be accused of a copyright violation.

A bad use is one that is infringing in all or part of the copyright,” explained Woz, explaining that if Google blocked a website that was not infringing on the copyright, then that website would still be blocked, and the person would still have a legal right to get around the blocking.

Woz also stressed that he believes that the court ruling is “not necessarily” about whether or not Google should block certain sites, but that it is about “how we use the web”.

“It is about how we use it,” he explained.

“If we’re going to have the internet and we’re all going to be connected to the internet in a way that we can’t control, that’s something that needs to be addressed.”

“This is not about what’s good for us, it’s about how people are using it.

We’re trying to protect it.”


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