How the Australian Communications and Media Authority is using its digital expertise to combat the threat of digital terrorism

Posted March 11, 2019 13:04:20A new digital-only approach to communications security will allow the A-League to tackle a wider range of threats, from cyber-espionage to online content, as it aims to be more proactive in the fight against online extremism.

Key points:The A-league is using the technology to target cyber-extremism, as well as online content that could be used to support terrorismThe AFF will not be using the tools for the first timeAAC says it has received more than 300 cyber-related threat reports from around the worldThis is the first use of the technology, and it has the potential to “bring together the most advanced tools and technologies” for combating digital terrorism, according to the AAC.

The AAC says the new system will enable A-listers to “work collaboratively and collaboratively with a range of stakeholders in a global context” and will allow them to focus on “all aspects of their business and personal lives”.

The use of a “digital security” model will allow A-Listers to work with the community as a whole to improve their digital security and protect their assets, including their communications, according a statement from the AACA.

The new approach is being developed by the AACC, which is part of the AIC, and the AFF, a government-backed body.

The two bodies have worked together for the past five years to create a common approach to digital security, including “building partnerships with the digital security community”, the statement said.

The aim is to create “a collaborative, collaborative environment” and “strengthen A- League digital security in all aspects of our operations”.

The AACC says the approach is not yet complete, but that it will be ready for “critical incident management, response, and analysis”.

The digital-first approach will “help our A-ALeague members work together to improve digital security to better protect their interests and assets, such as their communications and financial data, and their professional communications and finances”.

The statement added that the AAA will also develop an “online security strategy” and an “operational plan” for A- listers and teams.

The move is a significant shift for the AAF.

Since last year, the AFA has been under the ACC’s guidance, but has also used its digital powers to take a closer look at issues like the use of social media by the national team, which was flagged in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Last month, the CAA announced it was cutting back on digital-related training to focus solely on training on the use and impact of technology in a more “digital-first” environment.

This includes “the use of digital technologies in A- ALeague operations, including training on security, encryption and digital threat indicators”, the CAB said.

“This will enable us to build on the progress made by the CFA to further develop digital-based security, and to work collaboratively across A-ACL and CAA to address the wider threat landscape.”



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