Why did the prime minister ask the BBC not to cover the #Snooper’s Charter?

In a tweet on Thursday, Prime Minister Mark Carney made clear that he wanted the BBC to not cover the Snooper’s charter, as it had not done so before, as the UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill had, as reported by The Telegraph.

Carney’s request to the BBC comes after the BBC refused to cover a previous government attempt to introduce the controversial legislation, which would have enabled police to access the internet and compel them to hand over their personal data.

In February, the BBC said it would not cover any of the Snoopers’ Charter-related legislation, citing “privacy and the importance of freedom of expression.”

However, the broadcaster later said it planned to cover all the bills proposed in the Snoop Bill as well as other measures that would have a chilling effect on internet freedom, including the Investigatory Access to Communications Commissioner’s proposed bill.

Carney said the Snooping Bill would be “the last chance to protect the privacy of British citizens and the internet in general,” according to a statement on Thursday.

The British government has repeatedly stated that the Snoopping Bill will not breach privacy rights of British residents and citizens of the EU.

The Snooper Charter is a controversial piece of legislation that was passed in 2012 by the UK Parliament in response to concerns about the surveillance powers of the Investigating Powers Act.

It is also the topic of ongoing controversy, with the UK government stating that it would seek to amend the law before it becomes law.

The legislation would grant police the ability to compel Internet Service Providers to store and access data about their customers’ internet usage.

Critics of the legislation have accused the government of seeking to weaken privacy protections and give police the power to target people based on their online activity.

The government has said that the proposed legislation will help protect the public against online threats and crime, but critics say it is an effort to allow police to target citizens based on who they are online.

In response to the UK bill, European Union Commissioner for Privacy, Fundamental Rights and Electronic Communications Neelie Kroes said that there was a need for an updated approach in the digital security sector, saying that we need to address the current concerns and concerns about privacy.

She also said that a number of different bodies are currently working to identify and respond to specific concerns about surveillance in the European Union.


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