How to be a great communicator with a new generation

The rise of social media has brought us new opportunities to be more communicative.

It’s also led to a whole new way of thinking about communication.

In this article, I share five lessons I learned from my own experience of working with the media, and share a few thoughts about the future of media communication.


Know the difference between your audience and your audience’s audience.

What do you want your audience to know about you?

Do they want to connect with you or not?

What do they care about?

These are the things you need to know in order to engage your audience.

In an industry that’s so interconnected, the difference in these two things is often the difference you need in your message to resonate.


Understand the value of a well-written message.

When you talk to people, do they actually listen to you?

How can you make sure they understand that?

Are they willing to listen to your message?

These questions are critical in helping you craft an engaging message that resonates with your audience, even if you can’t communicate them with your words.


Think about how your audience will perceive your message.

Is it engaging or not engaging?

Do people find your message compelling?

Can they relate to it?

In order to communicate effectively, you need a solid understanding of the audience you’re communicating with.


Understand your audience as a whole.

When I first started as a reporter at a newspaper, my first instinct was to write everything in my own voice, and I was right.

But over time, I learned that this approach isn’t the best way to be effective in the media world.

As I’ve learned more about media, I’ve come to realize that people aren’t interested in hearing a story from me.

I want them to hear it from someone they trust, who they like, and who is passionate about the story they’re telling.


Be mindful of your audience when you’re creating your message, too.

Are you communicating to your audience the same way you’re speaking to them?

Are you putting your own ideas in front of them?

I’ve found that if you don’t know yourself, you don’ t have to know your audience; you can communicate to them with what you know about yourself.

If you don t know yourself as well as you think you do, then you needn’t be afraid to experiment with different ways of telling stories.

You can create an effective message that is meaningful to your audiences and your industry without knowing what they want or how they value it.

It won’t take you a lifetime of practice, but it will take a lot of trial and error.


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