“I don’t know why people would want to do this” – What’s driving online bullying?

Newsweek – 9/30/2018 – Newsweek has a special focus on online bullying.

And as a result, we’re asking some experts to explain why people are increasingly doing it online.

A number of experts are speaking out to explain how online bullying is affecting us all.

Here are some of the answers we’ve received so far: 1.

The Internet is a playground for bullies and trolls.

Online bullying has grown exponentially since Facebook first introduced a bullying filter.

In 2017, researchers from the University of Oxford found that the number of bullying incidents on Facebook increased by about 30 percent in the first six months of 2018 alone.

That’s not surprising: Facebook’s bullying filter has a lot of people who are looking to get to the top of the social hierarchy and it’s made a lot more sense for them to get there by trolling and bullying others online.


Online bullies often target women and children.

A study published in 2018 found that in the U.S., women are more likely to be the target of online harassment than men.

In a survey of more than 800 online users conducted in 2016, women were more likely than men to be subjected to online harassment, while men were more often the target.

According to the research, the biggest threat to women online is their online presence.


Online harassment affects people who have already experienced online bullying, such as people who were bullied as children or people who know someone who has.

But many people don’t have to deal with bullying online.

One in five people who received a lifetime ban from Facebook in 2016 reported that the experience made them want to get out of the company.


Online hate speech has a direct impact on people’s lives.

Online abusers often post violent and threatening messages, and some online harassment can also make people think of violence, rape, or other forms of violence.


Online violence can lead to physical and mental health problems.

Online abuse can be devastating for people who already experience bullying, depression, or anxiety.

A 2014 study published by the International Journal of Violence Prevention found that women who experience online abuse are more than twice as likely to report that they have experienced physical violence than women who didn’t.

And while physical and sexual violence are very different forms of online bullying in that they are based on a threat and can only be stopped by a person’s physical safety, the impact on mental health can be much more severe.


Online predators have a very real and chilling effect on people who don’t live in the same neighborhoods as online bullies.

A recent study published this year by researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that people who live in high-poverty neighborhoods are more vulnerable to online bullying than those who live below the poverty line.


Online threats can be used to coerce others into doing bad things.

A 2013 study published online in Psychological Science found that online threats are often used to recruit others to do bad things, such a people being stalked or harassed.


Online trolls can be particularly dangerous, as they can be trained to make threats in order to get others to stop doing what they’re doing.


The threat of online abuse can make people feel uncomfortable and even unsafe.

A 2016 study published on the psychology of online aggression found that, when people are confronted with a threat of a violent, abusive, or threatening situation, they often feel unsafe or worse.

This can be especially true when they’re facing online bullying because they know their own feelings and experiences about being bullied can be manipulated.


Online trolling can create a hostile environment for victims of bullying.

Research published this month in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that trolls have an impact on how victims of online sexual assault and harassment are treated.

They are less likely to get support or assistance in dealing with the harassment and violence.


Online hatred of women is a real danger.

A 2015 study published at the University at Buffalo found that while online bullying has historically been a problem for women, online hate speech directed at women online has increased in recent years.

For example, online trolls targeted women by name in an effort to discredit their story.


Online attacks on children have increased in the past decade.

A survey published in 2016 by the University Health Network found that nearly 50 percent of people surveyed felt that online attacks on kids were increasing in the last few years.

This is particularly true for children.


Online attackers can be incredibly dangerous.

Online online bullying can be dangerous, and online trolling can make it so even those who aren’t targeted by online bullies can feel like they are.

In fact, a study published last year in the journal Psychological Science concluded that online trolls who make threats about violence against people are more threatening than those that don’t.


Online offenders have a much lower chance of being caught.

A report published by The Atlantic last year found that more than one-third of online abusers are never caught.

But in a study of more 2,000 offenders in


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