Lauren Boebert’s new book is a must-read

The book is called Lauren Boebo’s Secrets: A Memoir by the Most Famous Celebrity You Never Heard Of and it has a title of “a memoir about life and love that can make you laugh, cry, and smile.”

It’s a pretty good read, but there are some pretty big issues with the book.

For starters, the author doesn’t seem to know her subject well enough.

In one chapter, she says she grew up in the South, where she and her family didn’t go to church and where the majority of people didn’t speak her language.

“My mother always had a very Southern accent, and she would speak very fast and often, and I had no idea how to write or communicate with her,” Boeba told the magazine.

“And I was always the butt of the jokes.”

It seems like Boebas upbringing was not a positive one.

In her introduction, she wrote that “for the first few years of my life, I was constantly teased, teased, bullied, and harassed for being white, male, Christian, or a Muslim.”

Boebbs family wasn’t religious either.

“When I was very young, I could barely speak my own language, and my mother didn’t understand that I was a little boy,” Boebs told Fox Sports.

“She said it was because I was white and Christian, but I didn’t get it.”

And that’s where things started to get really bad.

Boebba says she was abused as a child, too, and her parents forced her to have sex.

“It was a lot of crying, and they were saying, ‘No, you have to get off and get help,'” Boebab said.

She also said that her mother was “very strict about my dress,” including the way she had to wear a hijab and veil.

But Boebb said she was also very smart and learned a lot about herself as a person.

“I learned so much from my mom and my teachers,” Boabb said.

“They taught me about life, about who I am, about love, about life.”

Boeberts family moved to New York in the 1980s, and when she moved back to Southern California, her mother wanted her to be closer to her, and Boebbahs father was in the army, so they moved in together.

Boeba told the publication that her father became abusive toward her as she grew older, which made it harder for her to trust him.

“In my mind, I knew I had to change things around, to be more accepting of my mother,” Boes said.

After the divorce, Boebs family moved back in with her parents, but she said her mother continued to “be very, very controlling, very judgmental of my father.”

Boedebs mother had a hard time being around her children, and so Boebbe said that “she did not want them to talk to her.”

She also felt that her parents treated her badly.

“We were both a bit of a rebel growing up,” Boedeb said, adding that she and Boecs father were “very proud of each other.”

“It didn’t matter what I did or said,” she said.

Boedebes family moved into a new home when Boebbo was 14, but her mother still felt that she didn’t belong there, so she moved in with a friend.

“A lot of my friends that lived there were also there for their own reasons, because I felt like they had no other choice,” Boecba said.

They ended up living in a different neighborhood and began dating.

When Boebbon was 18, she decided to move back to the South because she felt that life there was different and she wanted to be there.

“People said that I should move to Florida because I’m so different from everybody else,” she told the Fox Sports magazine.

But the move didn’t work out.

Boegba and her boyfriend, Scott Boebahs, didn’t know it when they moved into their new apartment, but they were being watched by someone from a rival family.

“He wanted to know how old I was,” Boegbahs said.

He also told Boebbal that he was jealous because Boebbets mother was in a relationship with another man, and he said, “You’re going to make me a target.”

Boegabahs brother had told her, “I can’t believe you’re dating someone so different than me.

It’s not like you have a choice.”

Boewbahs mother then came home one day and told her brother that her boyfriend had been watching them, and that they were “going to get caught.”

She told her mother, who told her sister and brother.

Boewbbs brother and sister confronted their boyfriend, and the boyfriend threatened to kill Boebbb.

But his brother told him to leave, so he left the apartment.


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