How to make a new kind of TV ad for the Democratic National Convention

Posted October 15, 2018 05:14:04 The National Democratic Campaign Committee and the Democratic Party of Virginia are looking for an ad campaign to make the case for President Donald Trump, his policies and his presidency.

The ads will focus on the former, emphasizing the need for unity, while also highlighting the need to unite around Trump’s “America First” agenda.

They will focus specifically on the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, and the 2016 Republican National Convention, in which Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The goal is to build an audience, and to help ensure that Trump’s message resonates across the country, said DNC communications director Adam Jentleson.

“We’re looking to do something different and really engage with the American people.

It’s about bringing out the best in people,” Jentelson said.

The Democratic National Committee and DNC will seek to reach the highest voter base possible, which will include people in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The campaign will also be using social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to get people to engage.

“There is an opportunity to bring people together that don’t necessarily have a lot of political affiliation,” Jensonson said, “and to get them to get out and vote and have a real impact on their communities.”

In the 2016 campaign, the DNC and DCC ran an ad titled “Make America Great Again,” highlighting Trump’s promises of a border wall, ending trade deals, and deporting millions of immigrants.

That ad, which ran in more than 2,300 TV spots, was the first of its kind in the 2016 cycle, and helped turn out voters for the Trump ticket.

But Trump’s election did not lead to an uptick in the number of people registering as Democrats, Jentlson said during a phone interview.

“I think people got used to seeing Democrats on TV.

They saw it in the ads.

That was really just the tip of the iceberg,” Jentsonson explained.

The ad also showed a new ad for Democrats, called “The D.C. Report,” highlighting the recent death of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

The D.N.C., which has had a hard time reaching out to minority voters, is focusing its efforts on that segment.

“Democrats need to start focusing on making their message resonate with people who are going to make up the majority of the American population, which is people of color,” Jenson said.

“They’ve been doing that and they’re doing it very well.

So it’s important that we continue to focus on that.”

The DNC has been focusing on the D.O.C.’s focus on racial justice, which was highlighted in the ad by Democratic National Chairman Keith Ellison, who was at the DNC on Saturday and told reporters that the party had a “distinct, unique, and unique responsibility to help heal the wounds of our country.”

“The DNC has a long history of working to build and empower communities of color, and we’re proud of that,” Jendleson said of the DNC’s focus on race.

“In 2016, we were the first Democratic Party to launch the ‘Diversity Fund,’ which we funded with over $5 million from the DNC,” he said.

In a separate phone interview with The American Post, DNC Chair Donna Brazile said that the campaign will be focused on getting people to go to the polls and make sure their vote counts.

“You want to make sure that every vote counts, and that everyone’s counted, and you’re doing everything you can to get everybody in line,” Brazile told The American Press.

Brazile added that she expects the campaign to focus heavily on voter turnout.

“It’s really important that there is a big turnout,” Braziles said.

She also said that there will be a new website to go live to boost voter turnout and get people involved.

The website,, will highlight the Democratic platform, which included a plan to “move past fear and embrace hope” in an effort to address racial and economic injustice.

“Our campaign has been on the ground and we are working on building that infrastructure,” Brazilia said.

At the same time, she said, the DCCC is working on a new fundraising platform called “Diversity and inclusivity in America,” which will help make sure it is not only accessible to voters of color and non-white Americans, but also reach out to voters who are not registered Democrats.

“The goal is for our campaign to really connect with voters who may not be registered,” Brazillie said.

DCCC Director of Communications Liz Mair said that while the DNC will not be making a specific call for a specific candidate, it will be focusing on how the party can connect with people, especially people of colour.

“DNC will be targeting our base to make those connections,” Mair explained.

“And we are going after the base that is most vulnerable.

The people of


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