What to expect at the National Press Club press conference about the media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic

The White House is set to hold a press conference today at the White House about the coronivirus pandemics coverage and response, according to a statement from the press secretary. 

“President Donald Trump will be hosting a meeting of the Whitehouse Press Club to discuss the ongoing coverage of this deadly pandemic and the media’s role in the process,” said Josh Earnest, the WhiteHouse press secretary, in a statement.

“As he has said, the press is a critical element of public service.

We are confident the Whitehall Press Club will provide a fair, candid, and open forum to discuss and discuss the news of this epidemic.

The President will make sure everyone in the room understands the importance of the press, and he expects the members of the Press Club who will be there to do so. 

We look forward to welcoming President Trump to the White house, and we will keep you updated.” 

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that Trump will hold a briefing on the state of the pandemic at the AP’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., which will be hosted by the White Palace. 

Earlier this month, the AP published a list of the top stories that have made the news during the coronovirus pandemo.

Among the stories that came to mind during that meeting were Trump’s comments during a press briefing on Friday that “there are many stories out there that will not be written about this,” and the “craziness” of CNN anchor Don Lemon and CNN producer Brian Stelter’s comment on Sunday that they were “not the biggest fan” of Trump. 

In the same statement, Earnest said that the White Houses staffs approach to the coronvirus pandems coverage will include a discussion of the “responsibility of the media” and how to balance “public service and public safety.” 

The White House also issued a statement on Sunday calling for the media to provide the American people with “a balanced and fair view of the news.”

“The Whitehouse is committed to a healthy society and has made a commitment to ensure the highest level of accuracy in its coverage of these important issues, and our goal is to ensure that the public receives a fair and balanced look at the news, whether that is through public hearings or news conferences,” the statement read. 

A spokesman for the White Senate, which is headed by Vice President Mike Pence, said on Sunday the White HOUSE will hold the press conference later today.


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