How race impacts how you speak about race in the workplace

There’s no denying that the issue of race in America is still a hot topic.

But a new study suggests that race is a factor in how much people say and do things about race.

Researchers found that people who are more aware of the racial composition of their communities are more likely to be white, while those who are less aware are more racially diverse.

Researchers also found that race was a strong predictor of whether people said and did things about racial inequality in their communities.

Here’s what you need to know about race and race in American society.1.

There’s more diversity in America’s white communities than there is in other minority communities.

Researchers looked at data from the 2000 census and found that white people in the U.S. made up almost two-thirds of the population.

In fact, whites make up about 65 percent of the U-S population.

Researchers called this “diversity.”


More than 70 percent of Americans identify as white.

A majority of Americans (71 percent) identify as Caucasian.

White people make up roughly two-fifths of the nation’s population, according to the Census Bureau.


Racial minorities are more frequently victims of police violence than whites.

In 2011, there were about 1,400 incidents of police brutality against blacks and whites in the United States.

That was a 17 percent increase over 2010, according the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


White Americans are more than twice as likely as other races to be the victims of a domestic violence incident.

According to a study by the University of Illinois at Chicago, white Americans are nearly three times as likely to have been the victim of physical assault.


Black Americans are the least likely to report an incident of domestic violence.

About a quarter of black people said they had experienced a domestic abuse incident in the previous month.


Black men and women are four times more likely than white men and more than three times more than white women to report being the victim in a violent crime.


Blacks are more often victims of crime in their neighborhoods.

A recent study from the U of T’s Institute of Race Relations found that about 70 percent in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are black.


Blacks have more mental health problems than other ethnic groups.

About 50 percent of black adults and 35 percent of non-Hispanic white adults have some mental health issues.


Black people are more educated than other racial groups.

Blacks had the highest rate of college enrollment among all racial groups, according a report by the American Council on Education.


Blacks tend to live longer than other groups.

According a recent study by Harvard University, Black Americans live more than a decade longer than white Americans.

The study found that Black Americans have been living longer than non-Hispanics, Asians, and whites since the 1920s.


Black college graduates are more vulnerable to workplace discrimination than other minority groups.

A report by The Harvard School of Public Health found that black college graduates have higher levels of unemployment and underemployment than white college graduates.


Black children are more prone to being dropped out of school and receiving special education services than white children.

A study from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health found similar results among black and white children from the early grades of elementary school through high school.


Blacks and other racial minorities are nearly four times as unlikely as other racial group members to graduate from college.

Black students are far more likely as students to drop out of high school than white students.


Blacks make up more than 70% of the unemployed.

According the Bureau the number of unemployed blacks is up to 23.7 million from 4.6 million in 1990.


Black families have higher rates of child abuse.

A 2010 report by Johns Hopkins University found that parents who are black have a six times higher likelihood of having a child abused.


Blacks experience more workplace discrimination in the grocery store than other races.

A 2011 study by The Johns Johns Hopkins School of Social Work found that grocery stores are far less likely to hire a Black employee than a white employee.


Black employees in the food industry are far fewer likely to earn raises than white employees.

A 2009 study by researchers at the University at Albany and Rutgers University found Black employees are less likely than their white counterparts to get raises.


Black and Latino students are more affected by racial bias in higher education.

A 2012 report by Harvard Business School found that students of color are more adversely impacted by the educational environment in which they attend school.


Blacks face discrimination at work.

A 2015 report by a study from University of Texas at Austin found that nearly 60 percent of workers in the private sector report racial discrimination.


Blacks commit crimes at higher rates than other race groups.

Research shows that Black men commit more crimes than other men.

In 2013, the Justice Department found that there were 3,859 homicides by Black men.


Black women are less educated than white female employees.


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